Winch Bars


Chrome Winch Bars

 Grip-sure winch Bars are knurled, creating a non-slip handle for safety. Winch Bar Tips are tapered and Knurled to help prevent slipping and for ease of operation.


Standard Chrome Winch Bar

Should never be used for tightening chain binders.
Winch Bar


Combination Chrome Winch Bar

Has modified box ends for tightening chain binders.
Winch Bar

Warning: (Danger) Safety Information Re: Winches and Winch Bars.

        All winches should be installed so that gravity will enable the pawl in the gear and so the user can readily see the pawl to ensure proper engagement. Winches should never be installed in a position where the user must hold the pawl to engage the gear. All weld-on winches must be welded to the trailer frame.

        For safety when tightening or loosening winches, always maintain a firm grip on the winch tightening bar. Never release a winch bar from its levered position without checking the pawl to ensure that it is fully engaged an the gear. Releasing a winch bar without the pawl being properly engaged can cause serious injury to the user. Grip-sure recommends the use of a winch bar which has a knurled winch bar grip to provide a non-slip handle when tightening or loosening winches. (Grip-sure Winch Bar Part NO.'s 100206 and 100206C, see above).